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Thank you for showing your interest in a custom design! Below will explain options for both half and fully custom designs. Take a look at the information below and send me a message on my contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note, fully custom designs are limited due to the time-consuming process of hand-drawing.

Half Custom & Name Drop Stickers

Custom Bear and Cub.jpg

In love with one of my current designs? Name drop your town, park or company logo under one of my illustrations. If you go to my sticker gallery, you can see all of the designs I currently offer. I also have many animal and landscape illustrations not seen on my website. If you are interested, send me a note on my contact page with your location and some animals or landscape you are interested in. I can email you a custom line sheet with illustrations that go with your region. Fonts are customizable as well.  



California Animals


Mouse's Tank Road

If you are interested in a fully custom design please reach out and I can give you pricing, timeline details, and a custom design request form. Please note, fully custom designs are limited due to the time-consuming process of hand-drawing. Follow along below to see my process for a fully custom design.

Point Reyes Sketch (1).jpg

Step 1: Initial Sketch

Together we will develop a few ideas. I often suggest landscapes, local animals or an animal silhouette with a landscape inside. I will come up with a digital black and white sketch. You can ask for revisions and make sure it is exactly what you are looking for.



Point Reyes Whale.jpg

Step 2: Final Draft

Once we are done with the revisions, I will get any color suggestions and start on a final draft. In this case, we wanted the sky to really stand out. The folks at Point Reyes also needed the design to say Point Reyes National Seashore. 


Point Reyes Examples

Step 3: Lets Make More

Fully custom designs start at just $400 which includes 200 stickers. I try to make the stickers as customizable as possible which can include bar codes, hang tags and educational messages. When the time allows, I love to try and make sets. Check out my sticker gallery to see lots of collaborations I’ve done.



Point Reyes

Lassen National Park